LIFT Program
To assist residents and small businesses in Missouri who have been economically impacted by the natural disasters occurring in Missouri in 2019, including the tornadoes and storms in May and the historic long-term flooding throughout the state, Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick is implementing the Missouri Linked Deposit to Invest and Fund Timely Recovery (LIFT) Program.

The LIFT Program authorizes:
  • Up to $2 million per deposit
  • The maximum statutory discount to lending institutions for affected deposits
  • Refinancing of funds for existing loans affected by the natural disasters
  • Expedited approval notification (once due diligence has been completed)

To participate in the LIFT Program, the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office will require a loan applicant to provide proof of economic injury and/or damages caused by a natural disaster occurring in Missouri in 2019 in a county that has a Major Disaster Declaration from FEMA. For a current list of counties, please see the following link:

Such proof may include, but is not limited to:
  • Documentation of date of loss
  • Documentation of sustaining direct property damage or sustaining interruptions to operations and/or services because of temporary customer loss, temporary interference with access, or other impacts
  • Insurance records documenting damages sustained
  • Photographs of damages sustained
  • A sworn affidavit from the applicant indicating the individual is currently a resident of this state and detailing the nature of the economic damages incurred due to a natural disaster occurring in Missouri in 2019

The Treasurer’s Office may request multiple forms of documentation for some deposits.

For information about the application process and to submit an application, please visit the following link: