Missouri State Treasurer's Investments

Missouri Time Deposits

The State Treasurer's Office will place time deposits with approved Missouri financial institutions for maturities not to exceed five years.

Weekly Rates for Missouri Financial Institution

The rate of interest payable by all banking institutions on state moneys is determined by a review of the prior week’s treasury rate average, market rates from Missouri financial institutions and Federal Home Loan Bank advance rates. Rates are available on Monday of each week. For current rates, call the Investment Division at (573) 751-1962.

Time Deposit Terms

Time deposits must be collateralized at least 100% (principal plus interest to maturity) and held by an acceptable third-party custodial bank. For a list of securities that are considered acceptable collateral, please click on the link below.

While Brokered CD’s are now deemed statutorily acceptable as collateral for deposits of state funds (effective August 28, 2018), the State Treasurer’s Office will not be accepting them as collateral for such deposits. The State Treasurer urges each public entity to make its own decision as to which types of collateral are acceptable to them, and not base their decision solely on that of the Treasurer’s Office.

General Time Deposit

Click on the link below to submit an application.

Placing a Time Deposit

To place a time deposit, call the Investment Division at (573) 751-1962.