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Personal Finance 101 Conversations - Episodes 14, 15, and 16

  • Episode 14: FAFSA 101 Take a stroll through each screen of the online FAFSA to learn what information you’ll need on hand to complete the application quickly and accurately.
  • Episode 15: College Choice 101 From tiny private colleges to gargantuan urban universities, there are enormous implications to your choice of a school and a major. The video will help you develop a perspective and a framework for making these important decisions.
  • Episode 16: Financial Aid 101 Watch this short video to get your bearings in a seemingly endless sea of financial-aid options. Grants, scholarships, loans—you name it—we cover it in this informative clip.

Continuing Feducation Video Series

Episode 2, Saving for College

Growing up means making big decisions, and decisions about college are among the most important. The second episode of the Continuing Feducation Video Series, Saving for College, follows high school student Martina as she learns about the basics: investing in human capital, factors to consider when choosing a college, and ways to fund higher education.

Navigate: Exploring College and Careers

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas: Exploring College and Careers

This resource is an introduction to the investigation of careers and college and is designed for 7th through 9th grade students. Many students and their families may not be familiar with the pathways to education after high school, and Navigate provides information to begin preparing for success.

Invest in What's Next: Life After High School

Invest in What's Next: Life After High School

There are many possibilities for your life after high school and lots of questions to consider along the way. What path is right for me? What do I stand to gain? What are my funding options for school? This interactive mini-course provides information and tools to help you answer these questions and more! Through three lessons you’ll explore your options, budget for your future, and build a plan that’s right for you. Get started on your way to investing in what’s next!

Missouri's 529 Education Plan

Missouri's 529 Education Plan

The Missouri State Treasurer oversees MOST—Missouri’s 529 Education Plan. The MOST 529 Plan is designed to help families save for the costs of education, whether it’s k-12, college, trade, or technical school.

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