Unclaimed Property: Missouri's Largest Lost & Found

Frequently Asked Questions About Unclaimed Property

What is Unclaimed Property?
Unclaimed Property consists of cash from bank accounts, stocks, bonds and contents of safe deposit boxes that have been abandoned. Abandoned property is property for which there have been no documented transactions or contact with the owners for some statutorily defined period of time, generally five years. Other types of Unclaimed Property include uncollected insurance policy proceeds, government refunds, utility deposits and wages from past jobs. Unclaimed Property does not handle real property such as land, houses, cars and boats.
How does the state get the property?
State law requires financial institutions, insurance companies, public agencies and businesses to turn over Unclaimed Property to the Missouri State Treasurer's office if they have had no contact with the owners for some statutorily defined period of time, generally five years. Unclaimed Property holds cash property in trust forever. Occasionally, the State Treasurer's office is required by law to auction abandoned non-monetary assets of value (jewelry, coins, etc.) from safe deposit boxes, and records the proceeds from their sale in the owner's names so they or their heirs can claim the proceeds. Proceeds, as well as any other Unclaimed Property, are held forever until claimed by the original owner or heir.
As of August 28, 2010, no military medal or honor held by Unclaimed Property will be auctioned or sold.
Do I have Unclaimed Property?
The fastest and most efficient way to check to see if you have Unclaimed Property is to search the Missouri State Treasurer's database at ShowMeMoney.com. Or you can write to:
Office of the Missouri State Treasurer
Unclaimed Property
PO Box 1004
Jefferson City, MO 65102
When writing, include a list of owner names, addresses and previous addresses, if known. We will let you know if the names are associated with any Unclaimed Property in the custody of the Treasurer's office. To recover Unclaimed Property, claimants must be either the original owner of the property or a legal heir if the original owner is deceased.
How do I claim my property?
More than 50 percent of all individuals with Unclaimed Property can file a paperless claim ShowMeMoney.com. Or, if you write to us, we will send you a claim form with instructions regarding the necessary documentation to establish rightful ownership in order to claim the property. Claims processing is a public service provided by the Missouri State Treasurer at no cost to the owner.
How long do I have to file a claim?
There is no time limit for filing claims. The Missouri State Treasurer maintains Unclaimed Property in trust for the rightful owners forever. If the property was reported to the Treasurer as an interest-bearing account, the Treasurer even pays the owner up to seven years interest on the cash property.
How long does it take?
Our goal is to expedite all claims and return property to the rightful owners as quickly as possible. Unclaimed Property offers assistance to claimants to avoid unnecessary delays in documentation and payment of unclaimed assets. All services are provided free of charge by the Missouri State Treasurer.
How do I check for Unclaimed Property in other states?
All states have an Unclaimed Property program. If you would like more information about other sites, please visit the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.
How do I verify the legitimacy of any information or inquiries that I receive about Unclaimed Property?
Unclaimed Property is managed by the Missouri State Treasurer. He is focused on reuniting owners with their lost assets. All employees handling Unclaimed Property work for the Treasurer and the State of Missouri.
How do I search for an unclaimed U.S. Savings Bond?
Learn more about the Missouri State Treasurer’s effort to return U.S. Savings Bonds to owners or heirs, here.
Address for claimants:
Office of the Missouri State Treasurer
Unclaimed Property
P.O. Box 1004
Jefferson City, MO 65102-1004
Address for holders reporting Unclaimed Property:
Office of the Missouri State Treasurer
Unclaimed Property
P.O. Box 1272
Jefferson City, MO 65102-1272
Office Hours:


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