Resources for Local Governments

Political Subdivision Investments

The Missouri State Treasurer provides resources to assist local governments in the investment of public funds. He has prepared investment guidelines as well as a model investment policy, both of which are available for download below.

Missouri Public Fund Investment Guide

This guide is provided to public fund investment officers as a resource from the Missouri State Treasurer’s office. Should you have questions about the guide or content within, please contact us at

Sample Bank Contracts

The Missouri State Treasurer has developed resources to assist local governments with their banking services.

Government Finance Officers Association Recommended Practices

The GFOA makes recommended practices available for use by governments.

Missouri Linked Deposit Program

The Missouri Linked Deposit Program for Local Governments provides low-interest loans to cities, counties and other political subdivisions for capital improvements or other significant programs.

Missouri Office of Administration Vendor Services Portal

This site allows current and prospective state vendors to access the vendor payment portal, download vendor applications and review online bids.

United States Treasury Federal Payment Contact Information

This site contains contact information to help determine where federal payments originated. (A federal payment will indicate “TREAS” followed by a 3-digit number (220, 303, 310 or 312) indicating which Regional Financial Center originated it.)

Resources on Debt Issuance and Bidding Processes

Pursuant to § 108.170.9, RSMo., the State Treasurer’s Office is required to make best practices regarding debt issuance and bidding available to the state’s municipalities, political subdivisions, and districts.

The Treasurer’s Office recommends the best practices promulgated by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA):