Anti-Terror Policy

The Missouri State Treasurer’s Office adheres to a strict investment policy which prohibits taxpayer dollars from being invested in U.S. State Department designated State Sponsors of Terror. The office’s Anti-Terror Policy was expanded in 2017 at the direction of the Treasurer to further prohibit investment in companies that do business with State Sponsors of Terror. These policies prevent public funds managed by the State Treasurer’s Office from being funneled into the hands of terrorist organizations.

From the Investment Policy:

“The State Treasurer’s Office will invest the state’s excess funds only within the legal guidelines set forth by the Constitution and statutes of the State of Missouri. Any investment alternative outside these guidelines is not permissible.

Furthermore, the State Treasurer’s Office seeks to promote and support the objectives of U.S. foreign policy regarding terrorism. Accordingly, investments in companies, including their subsidiaries or affiliated entities (collectively, a “Company” or “Companies”), that are known to sponsor, hold or transfer the funds of, or service in any way any group or state engaging in terrorism, or aid the governments in countries that are known to sponsor terrorism, are prohibited. Additionally, the State Treasurer’s Office will not invest in Companies having material operations in U.S.-designated state sponsors of terrorism. Should the State Treasurer’s Office discover that it holds an investment in such Company, or that such an investment is held on its behalf, the State Treasurer’s Office shall immediately divest of such investments.”

Click here to view the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office Investment Policy