Open Government

The Missouri State Treasurer is committed to open and good government in Missouri. This section of our site is intended to provide an easy way for citizens to access reports and other information produced by the State Treasurer's Office.

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Open Meetings


2019 Rule Review Report


Request for Proposals/Information

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File a Sunshine Request


Treasurer's Investment Policy and Reports

This information details the investment policy guiding decisions made by the Treasurer, as well as the investment holdings of the state.


State Monthly Fund Activity Reports and Descriptions

The Missouri State Treasurer is the custodian of all funds placed in the State Treasury, and invests the monies in the State Treasury on behalf of the state. In this section, you will find links to see the monthly fund activities, as well as descriptions of each fund.


Audits of the Office of State Treasurer


Missouri Linked Deposits Review Committee

The committee has review and oversight capacity for all matters relating to the Missouri Linked Deposit Programs. The committee may examine all aspects of the Linked Deposit Program, including but not limited to, the program's administration, operation and effectiveness.


Missouri's 529 Education Plan Board

MOST, which is a qualified education savings program established under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, is overseen by the Missouri Education Savings Program Board. MOST is designed to help people save for the costs of education. The Missouri State Treasurer serves as chair of the board.


Missouri Achieving A Better Life Experience Board

ABLE is a qualified savings program established under Section 529A of the Internal Revenue Code and overseen by the Missouri Achieving a Better Life Experience Board. ABLE is designed to help people save for disability related expenses. The Missouri State Treasurer serves as chair of the Board.