Missouri Time Deposit System

Welcome to the Missouri State Treasurer's interactive online application system for Missouri banks and credit unions to request time deposits.

The online application system allows qualified financial institutions to easily and efficiently submit requests for deposits from the Office of the State Treasurer. The State Treasurer is proud to work with institutions throughout the state to strengthen our communities. Below, financial institutions can register to use this system and begin to submit time deposit requests. Should you need assistance, please call the office at (573) 751-2372.

You may also want to review the acceptable collateral policy.

While Brokered CD’s are now deemed statutorily acceptable as collateral for deposits of state funds (effective August 28, 2018), the State Treasurer’s Office will not be accepting them as collateral for such deposits. The State Treasurer urges each public entity to make its own decision as to which types of collateral are acceptable to them, and not base their decision solely on that of the Treasurer’s Office.

Current Allocation of Deposits Available for Placement from the Missouri State Treasurer

Current Available Allocation

Amount     Announcement Date     Request Deadline Date     Placement Date
$10,000,000.00 01/16/2020 01/22/2020 01/31/2020

Available Terms for Allocation

Target Amount     Term Length     Maturity Date
$10,000,000.00 364 days 01/29/2021
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