Due to extraordinary demand, the Linked Deposit “MOBUCK$” application portal is closed until further notice. Applications for new Linked Deposits exhausted the entirety of available funds within one business day of reopening the application portal on January 2, 2024. Therefore, the program is currently at capacity. Please routinely check the State Treasurer’s Office website and social media pages for important updates about the Linked Deposit “MOBUCK$” program, including potential portal reopening dates.

The Missouri State Treasurer’s Office linked deposit program, MOBUCK$, invests in Missouri small business, agriculture, and governmental entities.

Through the program, the Office partners with qualified-lending institutions to provide low-interest loans to help grow and expand economic opportunity across Missouri. By reducing the interest rate on certain loans borrowers can use to improve their businesses, the program helps Missouri financial institutions better serve Missouri-based companies and agricultural operations. The program also provides funds for local governments to serve the interests of their constituents.

Using the program allows lenders to lower the interest rates to the borrower by about 2-3 percent.

Program Information and Eligibility Requirements

Click on one of the links below to learn more about the program and eligibility requirements.


Missouri Linked Deposits Review Committee

The committee has review and oversight capacity for all matters relating to Missouri’s linked deposit program. The committee may examine all aspects of the linked deposit program, including but not limited to, its administration, operation and effectiveness.