Office Investments

The Missouri State Treasurer determines the amount of State funds not needed for current operating expenses and invests those funds. They are invested in:

  • Interest-bearing time deposits in Missouri banks
  • United States Treasury and federal agency securities
  • Repurchase agreements
  • Banker's acceptances
  • Top-rated commercial paper

Safety is the Missouri State Treasurer's number one priority in the investment of the public's funds. The Missouri State Treasurer's investment specialists monitor major investment markets and work to maximize return on investments without compromising safety. The Missouri State Treasurer has an average of $3.6 billion invested daily, earning the state millions of dollars in interest income each year.


Monthly Investment Holding Reports

The Missouri State Treasurer’s Monthly Investment Holding Reports provide a monthly status update of the investments managed by the Treasurer. Reports dating back to 2004 are available online. Click here to sign up to receive these monthly reports by email.


Investment Policy

The Missouri State Treasurer’s Investment Policy details how decisions are made regarding the State’s investments.


Time Deposits

The Missouri State Treasurer places time deposits with approved Missouri financial institutions for maturities not to exceed five years. To learn more, visit The Missouri State Treasurer’s Time Deposits page.