Past Treasurers
  George H. Middelkamp

24th State Treasurer: 1917-1921

George H. Middelkamp

George H. Middelkamp (Democrat), the 24th State Treasurer, was born April 20, 1880, in Warrenton, Mo. He was educated in the public school and Central Wesleyan College at Warrenton.

After leaving school he went into his father's hardware store and learned the tinners trade. At the organization of the Bank of Hawk Point in 1906, he was elected cashier, and served for 10 years.

Although he had never held a public office, the Democratic Party nominated him as its candidate for state treasurer in 1916, and he resigned his job at the Bank of Hawk Point after his election in November. As treasurer he received the same a salary of $3,000, and employed seven persons. Five more employees were added to the office by 1919, as the Inheritance Tax and Corporation Franchise Tax came under the jurisdiction of the office. The legislature allowed him an additional appropriation for the salaries of a supervisor, field agents and clerical help.

He was the Democratic nominee for state auditor in 1920 and in 1924. Mr. Middelkamp moved to Kansas City following his term as state treasurer, and worked first with the mortgage loan department of the Commerce Trust Company and then with Keystone Mortgage Investment Company.

He was married to Clara Ordelheide on Nov. 30, 1904. They had two children. He died Oct. 5, 1966.