Past Treasurers
  James Monroe Seibert

16th State Treasurer: 1885-1889

James Monroe Seibert

James M. Seibert (Democrat), the 16th State Treasurer, was born Feb. 3, 1847, in Perry County, Missouri. He was educated in the common schools of that county, and attended McKendree College at Lebanon, Illinois, for a time. In 1866, he moved to Cape Girardeau County where he became a merchant before entering public service.

He was county sheriff and collector for several terms, and was elected state treasurer in 1884 for one term. His salary was $3,000 per year. In 1885, the legislature approved a salary increase for the chief clerk, setting the pay at $2,000 per year. It also appropriated money for bookkeepers and clerks not to exceed $1,500 and $1,000 per year, respectively. Mr. Seibert employed only two persons during his tenure, which included a chief clerk-cashier and a clerk. He was allowed a total of $2,450 for contingent expenses for his term.

He was elected to the office of state auditor in 1888, where he served until 1901. Following his political career he was named excise commissioner of St. Louis. He began working for the Missouri Pacific Lines in 1906, and headed the real estate and tax department of the railroad from 1911 - 1928. He retired from active service in 1929.

He married Emma Wilson of Brazeau in 1866 and they had four children. "Colonel" Seibert died in St. Louis on Jan. 23, 1935, and was buried at Jackson.