Past Treasurers
  John Peter Didier

1st State Treasurer: 1820-1821

John Peter Didier, the 1st State Treasurer, was born in 1748, and was very probably a native of France. He was a prominent official of the territorial government, and was appointed Fire Captain in 1811 by the St. Louis Board of Trustees. He then served as territorial treasurer from 1817-1818.

Mr. Didier was appointed state treasurer in September 1820. There is no record of the salary he received. It is presumed the office was located in St. Louis since there was no permanent building for a capitol, and the records show the first legislature met there. It has been suggested the influence exerted by Mr. Didier's French friends in St. Louis, and adjoining counties, led to his appointment as state treasurer. The Constitution of Missouri was signed at noon on Wednesday, July 19, 1820, and, although the state had not yet been admitted to the Union, the government was set up and completely organized. At that time, there were no political parties in Missouri and officials were elected or appointed on an individual basis. All the appointees understood they would resign when the new constitution went into effect; therefore Mr. Didier resigned in 1821.

He was married to Marie Elizabeth Mercier in Besancon, France on Nov. 15, 1773. Records indicate he died Aug. 25, 1823