Past Treasurers
  Richard R. Nacy

28th State Treasurer: 1933-1937
32nd State Treasurer: 1948-1949

Richard R. Nacy

Richard R. Nacy (Democrat), the 28th State Treasurer, was born in Jefferson City on Nov. 7, 1895. He was educated in the public and parochial schools of Jefferson City.

Mr. Nacy served with the American Expeditionary Forces in France as a member of the 356th and 107th Infantry regiments, serving in successive ranks from private to second lieutenant, and later served as captain in the Reserve Corps.

He was elected city clerk of Jefferson City in June 1919. In January 1923, he became Circuit Clerk of Cole County and was re-elected for additional terms in 1926 and 1930.

Mr. Nacy was elected state treasurer in 1932. His salary was $3,000 per year and he employed a total of 35 persons in the office. One of the most distressing times in banking history occurred during his term of office, specifically 1933, but because of his ability, understanding and determination, the state sustained no loss.

Mr. Nacy became a vice president with the Central Missouri Trust Company on Jan. 6, 1937, but on Aug. 18, 1948, he again became state treasurer, this time by appointment from Governor Phil M. Donnelly, to fill the vacancy created by the death of Robert W. Winn. He received the same salary of $7,500 and retained the 45 employees of his predecessor.

He was married Feb. 4, 1920, to Anna F. Dorsey and had three sons. In January 1949, he returned to Central Missouri Trust, and was its president at the time of his death on Jan. 10, 1961, in Jefferson City.