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Treasurer Fitzpatrick Returns Bronze Star to Family of Recipient

Wednesday, December 28, 2022


Jefferson City, MO – Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick announced that his office has returned a Bronze Star held in Unclaimed Property to the family of the recipient. Rick Dovell received the Bronze Star for actions while serving in Vietnam War. He passed away in 2017.


The Office worked with KSHB reporter Lisa McCormick, who connected with Mr. Dovell’s family after seeing the Treasurer’s Office Veterans Day press release. Mr. Dovell’s daughter was able to claim the medal.


“Rick was like so many other Vietnam Veterans who held most of what they saw in combat close to the vest as sharing would bring the reminder of heartache to mind,” Kelley Maddox, Rick’s daughter, said. “What this medal represents to me, by having it back in my possession, is that my father's sacrifice to the United States being drafted in his youth was not in vain. He was recognized for his efforts and although he did not share the reason for receiving this medal with me, I now know he did something special! This medal will go in a special place to share with my family and friends, it has sparked a healthy dialogue with my own children about their grandfather who they never really knew and now I have something to talk about for future generations.”


“I am grateful that we were able to return this important heirloom to the Dovell family. The medals we hold represent sacrifice and service to our country and the meaning of that is not lost on the Treasurer’s Office,” Treasurer Fitzpatrick said. “Returning Unclaimed Property to rightful owners is often a team effort and I thank Lisa McCormick for her dedication to finding the Dovells. I encourage Missourians to search the list and see if you recognize a name. Together, we can get these medals returned to the heroes who earned them. As always, we thank America’s military veterans for their service to this great country.”


Each year financial institutions, businesses, government agencies, and other organizations turn over millions of dollars in cash, securities, and the contents of safe deposit boxes to the Treasurer's Office. These entities are required to turn over Unclaimed Property to the Treasurer's Office after there has been no contact or documented transaction with the owner for five years. The contents of safe deposit boxes often contain family heirlooms and keepsakes. Some of the most precious items recovered are military medals and insignia.


The Treasurer’s Office currently holds more than 110 military medals including six purple hearts and three bronze stars A full list of medals, names, and last known addresses of the safe deposit box owners can be found at


The Bronze Star is awarded to member of the United States Armed Forces for either heroic achievement, heroic service, meritorious achievement, or meritorious service in a combat zone.  




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