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Callaway County Joins Treasurer Fitzpatrick’s Local Government Checkbook

Thursday, July 08, 2021
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Callaway County Joins Treasurer Fitzpatrick’s Local Government Checkbook


Jefferson City, MO –Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick today announced that Callaway County has joined the Local Government Checkbook, making their spending data available to Missourians. The Checkbook is part of his ongoing commitment to ensuring a more efficient and transparent government at all levels.


                Spending data from 13 local governments, Callaway County, Cape Girardeau County, Carter County, Cass County, Clay County, Cole County, Franklin County, Greene County, Jasper County, Newton County, St. Charles County, the City of St. Louis, and Vernon County, can be searched, with additional counties in progress. The Office will continue adding county expenditure data as it becomes available.


Visitors to the Checkbook can examine expenditure data detailing funds, departments, vendors, payment descriptions, and totals for the available government entities.


“As Treasurer, I will always strive to improve transparency because I want Missourians to trust that their government is working for them and their tax dollars are being spent wisely,” Treasurer Fitzpatrick said. “Increased transparency helps facilitate that trust. I am grateful to county leaders like Auditor Rentschler who are voluntarily participating. I hope more county leaders will join in and participate in the local government checkbook.”


“Callaway County is pleased to join the Local Government Checkbook,” Karen Rentschler, Callaway County Auditor, said. “Making this data available to our citizens holds us accountable and helps build trust between government and citizens. I hope this also encourages further participation and greater understanding of local government spending.”


In 2020, Treasurer Fitzpatrick announced the expansion of the Show-Me Checkbook to include local governments. He also facilitated aggregating state expenditures related to federal stimulus funding in one portal on the Treasurer’s Office website for Missourians to search. He recently expanded the portal to include information related to the American Rescue Plan.


The Show-Me Checkbook, launched by the Treasurer’s Office in 2018, is one of the most comprehensive state financial data portals in the country. The Local Government section of the Show-Me Checkbook can be found here.




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