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Treasurer Vivek Malek Returns First $1 Million in Unclaimed Property

Friday, January 20, 2023

Treasurer Vivek Malek Returns First $1 Million in Unclaimed Property

Sets record for reaching first $1 million milestone in only 3 days



                Jefferson City, MO – Missouri State Treasurer Vivek Malek’s administration returned its first $1 million  to owners in just three days. This is the fastest that any Missouri State Treasurer has ever reached the $1 million milestone.  The previous record was nine days, set in 2019.


                One claim alone was over $1 million dollars and the total for the first three days was $1,762,243.74. The $1 million account was paid in the St. Louis area. 

                “As State Treasurer I am excited to return as much unclaimed property to rightful owners as I can.  I encourage all Missourians to visit our website and see if you, your family or business has unclaimed property,” Treasurer Malek said.  “I am looking forward to being able to work with a dedicated staff to return millions more dollars to Missourians during my administration.”


                Missouri State law requires financial institutions, insurance companies, public agencies and other businesses to turn over financial assets and safe deposit boxes to the Treasurer’s Office. The reporting of these accounts is required after there has been no documented transactions or contact with the owner after a statutorily-defined period of time, generally five years.  Most Unclaimed Property consists of uncashed checks, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and contents of safe deposit boxes that have been abandoned.  Other types of unclaimed property consist of insurance policy proceeds, government refunds, utility deposits and wages from past jobs.


                Treasurer Malek currently manages over $1.3 billion in unclaimed assets in over 6 million owner accounts.  One in ten Missourians have Unclaimed Property, and the average return is nearly $300.  Unclaimed Property can be searched and claimed on




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