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Treasurer Fitzpatrick and DOLIR Partnership Returns over $6 Million to Missourians

Monday, November 22, 2021
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Jefferson City, MO—Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick today announced that his partnership with the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DOLIR) Division of Employment Security has returned over $6 million to Missourians who have applied for unemployment benefits. This partnership was announced in October 2020.


By cross-referencing DOLIR’s contact data with the Unclaimed Property database, the Treasurer’s Office is able to conduct proactive outreach more successfully. Over the past year, the Unclaimed Property Division has sent more than 260,000 emails and postcards alerting those who filed for unemployment benefits that they have Unclaimed Property. Nearly 21,000 claims have been processed, returning $6,073,711.67. The average claim is nearly $300.


“This partnership is an example of good government and demonstrates what can be accomplished when agencies work together to better serve Missourians,” Treasurer Fitzpatrick said. “Unclaimed Property is often unclaimed because the owner does not know they have it. Being able to return this money to Missourians at a time when they need it most is gratifying. As always, I am grateful to DOLIR for its partnership in this and to my staff who make this happen every day.”


“This collaboration between DOLIR and Treasurer Fitzpatrick is the way our state government should operate,” DOLIR Director Anna Hui said. “Connecting unemployment recipients with their unclaimed property is a simple, common sense joint effort that continues to yield great results. We best serve Missourians by working better together.”


                Most Unclaimed Property consists of cash from bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and contents of safe deposit boxes that have been abandoned. It can also include uncollected insurance policy proceeds, government refunds, utility deposits, and wages from past jobs. Those who receive outreach in the form of a postcard, email, or phone call will have to submit a claim for their unclaimed property.


                In 2019, Treasurer Fitzpatrick worked with the Department of Social Services to launch an automated system that matches unclaimed property with past-due child support. This new system has returned almost $4 million in past-due child support payments to Missouri families.


1 in 10 Missourians has unclaimed property and the average return is $300. Missourians can search and claim online at The Treasurer’s Office does not charge to return unclaimed property.


Since taking office in 2019, Treasurer Fitzpatrick has broken six Unclaimed Property records. His broken records include returning the first $1 million of his administration in less than 10 days, returning over $45 million in one fiscal year, returning Unclaimed Property to more Missourians in one year than any prior treasurer, returning $100 million to Missourians faster than any prior treasurer, returning more Unclaimed Property in one fiscal year than any prior year, and returning more Unclaimed Property in one month than any prior treasurer.


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