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Treasurer Vivek Malek hosts MOScholars Day at the Capitol

Friday, April 21, 2023
Treasurer's name

(Jefferson City, Mo.) – Students from across Missouri celebrated the success of the MOScholars program during a day at the Capitol hosted Thursday, April 20th, by State Treasurer Vivek Malek.


“MOScholars is an innovative program helping students achieve their God-given potential by giving parents greater choices about their child's education," Treasurer Malek said. "I am proud of all of you. You are all great ambassadors for MoScholars and for our great state."


Missourian students and their parents, along with representatives of the schools' Education Assistance Organizations (EAO), toured the Capitol. They were honored during visits to the House and Senate, where the students were recognized as representing the first class of the MOScholars program.


Treasurer Malek was joined in Thursday's recognition event in the Capitol Rotunda by key legislative backers of the MOScholars program, Sen. Andrew Koenig and Rep. Josh Hurlbert. The MOScholars program, Missouri’s K-12 Scholarship program, was established in 2021 by the Missouri Legislature and enacted into law by Gov. Mike Parson. The program is administered by the State Treasurer. 


MOScholars provides state tax credits for contributions to non-profit Education Assistance Organizations. The EAOs use the contributions to assist Missouri students living in low-income households and those with Individual Education Plans addressing particular needs. 


Many of the students and families were first-time Capitol visitors. "It's a wonderful educational experience for you to come to Jefferson City, where we have the most beautiful State Capitol in the heart of America. This is your Capitol, and this is your government, and the door to the State Treasurer's Office is always open to you," Treasurer Malek said.



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