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Treasurer Fitzpatrick Holds CARES Act Funding Working Group Meeting

Wednesday, July 01, 2020
Treasurer's name

Jefferson City, MO – Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick today held a meeting of the CARES Act Funding Working Group.


                The meeting focused on finding ways to support the programs and agencies impacted by necessary reductions in the state budget. Additionally, the working group is considering solutions to support Missouri’s struggling tourism industry, provide utility assistance for those facing shutoffs, and assist other hard-hit industries including meat processors.


                The Office of Administration provided an update on CARES Act spending already underway. DHSS Director Dr. Randall Williams spoke to the group about the state’s testing strategy and progress. The group also heard from representatives from the Missouri Department of Social Services, the Missouri Department of Agriculture, the Division of Tourism, as well as representatives from utility providers across the state.


                The information shared during today’s meeting will be used by the group to make recommendations to the Governor on the use of the funds provided by the CARES Act.


                On April 10, 2020, Governor Parson formed a working group, led by Treasurer Fitzpatrick, to make recommendations for the use of federal funding provided for COVID-19-related costs under the CARES Act. This advisory body is studying and analyzing the federal relief available to Missouri, its citizens, and businesses and identifying best practices and procedures to apply that relief.


                Information about the CARES Act and the working group, including a recording of today’s meeting, can be found at




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