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State of Missouri
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Budgeted State Full-Time
Equivalent Employees


FY 2023

Largest Agency
By Payroll

Dept. of Corrections
17.19% of Payroll


State Full-Time Employee
Average Gross Pay

State of Missouri Payroll

The State Treasurer's Office gathers the above data from the Missouri Accountability Portal. The State of Missouri uses over 400

active funds to collect, hold, and disburse its money. This dashboard includes data from all state funds. State funds are defined as funds held in the State Treasury. This excludes non-state funds held by DOR pursuant to the Missouri Constitution, as well as funds held by quasi-governmental organizations and agencies. This data represents the gross pay an individual has received for the calendar year to date, not necessarily their position's annual salary. Each payroll amount is specific to a unique combination of calendar year, agency, position title, and employee name. If an individual holds two separate position titles inside of the same calendar year due to a transition, that individual will have two separate entries for the calendar year in which the transition occurred.


  • All payroll information is based on the calendar year.
  • Information is presented as originally processed.
  • Data may not reconcile to other reports due to differences in data timing and inclusion.
  • While all of the information contained on this site is an open record in accordance with the Missouri Sunshine Law (Ch. 610, RSMo), there may be additional public records available regarding this data. Additional records can be obtained by making a Sunshine request to the appropriate records custodian(s) in the agency that possesses the documents in accordance with the law.

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