Financial Literacy Portal: Learning from Home

Learning from Home

Good habits start early. Use the resources on this page to teach your children about the value of a dollar and the importance of saving for the future. This page includes activities and resources for elementary school to high school-aged students.

  • Children’s Books that Teach Financial Lessons
    • This list highlights popular children’s books that teach a financial lesson. These links will take parents to a guided lesson plan that demonstrates how to turn story time into a lesson for young children. Many of these books can be checked out of area libraries as eBooks.
  • Interactive Lessons
    • These online courses from the Federal Reserve of St. Louis offer an introduction to financial concepts including why banks are a safe place to save money, how to make informed decisions, and the benefits and dangers of using credit to make purchases. Find activities for elementary school and high school-aged students.
  • Online Games
    • These online games help students practice counting, identify the value of U.S. currency, and learn about the importance of saving. Another game teaches older students about how the Federal Reserve works.
  • Choosing a Career Path
    • These resources help older students begin thinking and learning about future career paths.


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