Financial Literacy Portal: Planning for Retirement

Plannning for Retirement

Like saving for education, planning for retirement may seem too far off to think about now. However, research shows that many people do not have enough savings set aside for retirement. Use these resources to learn about different options for retirement savings, how to supplement your savings with Social Security, and why estate planning is important—regardless of your wealth.

  • Planning for Retirement
    • This interactive lesson from Missouri financial services firm Edward Jones takes you through the basics of planning for retirement in less than 10 minutes. Learn about how much you’ll need to save, different types of retirement accounts, Social Security, maximizing your retirement savings, and building your portfolio.
  • Retirement Calculator: Are you Saving Enough?
    • Use this calculator from AARP to determine just how much money you’ll need for retirement.
  • BLOG: Understanding Social Security
    • This blog post from AARP provides an overview of Social Security and explains how to estimate your likely benefit.
  • Estate Planning
    • Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. Use this list of common questions about estate planning from Edward Jones to learn more about the difference between a will and a trust, tax implications for your assets, and why this should be an important part of your financial planning.


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