Application Process

The Missouri State Treasurer’s Office is committed to making the MOBUCK$ linked deposit process simple and easy to use for approved lenders and borrowers.

Lenders click here to log-in to submit applications for approval. For a step by step instruction guide explaining how to use the online application click here.

Click here for the list of Participating Lenders.

The Missouri State Treasurer’s Office is able to help lenders and borrowers through each step of the application process to ensure an easy and efficient experience.

  • The lender first approves the borrower’s loan application, applying its normal lending standards.
  • The lender submits the completed applications to the Treasurer’s Office for approval. Lenders need to have sufficient collateral. Click here for the Acceptable Collateral Policy. Lenders, click here to access our online paperless application system.
  • Borrowers that have employees may need to complete additional immigration documentation. Click here to access information and obtain the required documents.
  • All borrowers will have to submit a Department of Revenue request for tax clearance form. Click here to download a copy of this form.
  • All borrowers must sign and submit a borrower certification form to the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office. Click here to download.